Tony and the Boss

The weekend buzz always releases it’s weekly videos on Friday, which makes sense, however their longer edits are now split in two. Dubbed as the best one yet by some of the comments on this one, Tony Hawk and Andrew Reynolds sit down to chat about Street League, Video Parts and how to deal with the [...]

Hosoi in Mississauga

The term “legend” is far too loosely applied to people these days, period.  Where it’s called for is in the case of individuals like Christian Hosoi who has had an immeasurable impact on skateboarding since he went pro at 14, and continues to kill it even to this day.  Did you know he’s coming to [...]

Vans Series Premiere: Bust Crew

In collaboration with Bust Crew and Cellout, Vans presents the newest OFFTHEWALL.TV original series, “Bust Crew.” Serving as a montage of skateboarding from Gilbert Crockett’s hometown crew and filmed with a Vx1000 by Will Rosenstock, Bust Crew features the rawest of skate footage from up and down the East and West Coasts with frequent appearances [...]

Jermaine Shmurda

Sometimes you gotta do what it takes to get to where you wanna go. The quest to make it in skateboarding has gripped most of our minds at one point in time or another, and this is Jermaine’s story.  As a flow rider for us, it’s impressive to see how he’s committed this past summer [...]

Dillon Moore Covers King Shit

Just as you were getting over Ty Peterson’s SBC cover, we want to show you our flow rider Dillon Moore making history on the cover of King Shit Mag. This just dropped and its a real gem, a massive Kickflip at Peace Park in Montreal. He’s really going for it and as he tells us [...]

Forgetful Skaters

At the recent Asphalt Yacht Club tour here in Ontario, a kid was overheard remarking how Stefan Janoski was over hyped because of his shoe. Now, kids say things all the time that don’t make sense but in some sort of perfect timing, we can look back a solid 11 years at how Stefan earned [...]

Dew Tour Finals

All weekend we kept watching the Dew Tour Finals from Brooklyn NY to try to catch a glimpse of last weekends victor Jon Cos, who won the trip to the big apple for the Pro Dew Tour.  What makes the Dew Tour special is that it comes across a little realer than street league in that it’s [...]

All this Mayhem

New to the internet this week is a must watch film about two of the most iconic guys to ever drop in.  The story of Ben and Tas Pappas shows us just how crazy it can get when you’re on the top of the stack.  Back during the first coming of Plan B, the brand [...]

Jon Cos Wins ‘em Both!

This was definitely the talk of Toronto this weekend in the skate scene as literally thousands of people attended the Mountain Dew AM skate contest out front of the famed Steam Whistle brewery across from the CN Tower.  BMX happened on Friday, however Saturday threatened to have rain pretty much ruin the parade however as it was wiped [...]

Am Getting Paid This Weekend

Seems like a big contest weekend here in the almost east coast this weekend with AM Getting Paid also happening at Le Taz skatepark in Montreal. Do you remember when Street League Skateboarding’s Matt Berger was in the mix up here? We came across this photo in our archives from the last AGP we can [...]

Dew Tour AM Series Toronto

It seems that most guys out there are always asking for a contest they can skate in. It wasn’t always like that, but now it’s the thing that you hear all the time, “know of any contests coming up?”. Here’s your answer: the Toronto AM Dew Tour contest, happening on September 12-13th at the Roundhouse [...]

AYC Tour Wraps Up

Similar to new bands, new companies need to go on tour wanting to get themselves heard loud and clear. With a guy like Nyjah Huston wearing your stuff it makes it pretty easy to draw a crowd and this was the case at the Toronto Beach Skatepark stop of the first ever Asphalt Yacht Club [...]

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