Tampa Pro

The annual Tampa Pro weekend is behind us again and with likely the best webcast we’ve ever seen in skate history, this made for one more easy hibernation Sunday before the weather gets nice.  With seamless HD streaming this non-stop top notch trickery was really awesome to watch.  Koston roamed the decks high fiving enough dudes you’d [...]


In some perfect timing to get us thinking about Summer skateboarding, Netflix has released a full length skate film called Motivation. If you’re curious about what goes on in the lives of dudes like Nyjah, Malto, Cole and P-Rod leading up to the Street League stops, this is for you.  Take it as hollywoods latest [...]

Chase Webb Part

How much help do you need to get noticed in skateboarding? When considering how Chase Webb seemingly came out of the woodwork there’s more to the story than most know. In Canada anyway many picked up on him as being “that kid” at the end of Nyjah’s Rise and Shine part whose jaw hit the concrete at [...]

Youness is Pro

We love the enthusiasm that the Almost crew has in just about everything they do. If it’s not the insane photos that Daewon posts or Haslam’s new tricks he’s inventing with Rodney, they are always setting the bar.  For a good while now, the young Belgian has been styling his way to the forefront in [...]

Spike Jonze Oscar

The thing is, you should never underestimate a skateboarder.  We are often brushed under the carpet as misguided underachievers but it’s guys like skater turned Hollywood success story Spike Jonze that paint us with a different brush.  Spike started out like most filmmakers, playing with video cameras following his friends around who were BMX’ing and [...]

Mccrank for Lakai

Doesn’t it seem that stalwart Canadian Rick McCrank has always skated for Lakai? His allegiance to the crailtap family is apparent in everything he says in this SKATE: Vancouver video he made for the Ride Channel, and it’s easy to understand why he’s so well liked. He is so chill and has so much fun, [...]

Double X Games Gold

Who said us Canadian’s don’t have a shot at taking our snow game to Aspen? The superpipe is pretty much out of the red and white spectrum for our guys but where it really matters it’s pretty much ours! Last year, Mark McMorris spun his Burton around to win big and this year fellow Canuck [...]

Ishod Wair 2013 Soty

Can you imagine the quality of skateboarding that’s out right now? It seems that 1 or 2 insane video parts aren’t enough to get you a Thrasher Skater of the Year honour, but Ishod had to put out 4 solid parts to take it this year. He says on his twitter “this is unfreakinbelievable” and [...]

Getting Robbed in Tampa

This must be everyone’s worst nightmare, but in Jon Cosentino’s case, it’s happened twice now. This weekends 20th Annual Tampa AM proved to be another contest which is won in front of the judges table, where Element Canada AM Jon Cos, took his run to a next level on the far side of the course. [...]

DC X Toyota Ultimate Snow Rig

Snow Season is here. This Arctic coldfront sweeping through much of Ontario has us thinking about how we’re getting up the hill this season, and DC is here to kick it into low gear.  Toyota polled the DC Skate, Snow and Moto Teams on their dream rigs based on the Toyota Tacoma platform, and the [...]

Cold War Premier

Doesn’t it seem like Blackbox just put out a full length video? That hunch you’re having is because Fallen’s Road Less Travelled only hit iTunes a month ago, like the pixels are still fresh on most screens. This weekends premiere at the classic La Paloma theatre in Encinitas CA featured the entire Zero Skateboards team [...]

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