Go Skate Weekend

This past weekend marked the beginning of summer and although it rained in some places we all made the most of what was a most successful Go Skateboarding Day. We have so many awesome sponsors to thank for helping stoke kids everywhere. Our flow team put on virtual clinics at many of the parks we [...]

Canadian Stupor Tour

We’ll admit that a lot of suspect decisions are made while on tour but what can we expect of the upcoming Lakai footwear Canadian Stupor Tour.  It all kicks off two weekends from now at Dunbat park in Toronto and rolls east from there through Ottawa into Quebec.  Perez, Howard, Raven, McCrank, MJ and a [...]

Started from the Bottom

Have you ever heard of Port Huron Michigan? Didn’t think so. To the internets credit, it really has opened up the doors for dudes who could only dream of making it in skateboarding. Unless you have been off the grid, you would know that Cody Cepeda came from this nothing town to the World’s stage [...]

Epicly Later’d HUF Part 1

This is a mandatory watch if all you know about HUF is that they make some sought after shoes and weed socks. There’s always so much history that runs deep in today’s “success stories”. The tall hills that have been climbed exist in every skate brands history and guys like Keith Hufnagel have earned their [...]


Did you know these were happening this weekend? Honestly, there are so many major contest tours happening these days it’s hard to keep up. In the heart of Texas, the skate celebrity train rolled through to compete at what was the first of many extreme contest series.  There was a major hype around BMX it [...]

Cons Project Toronto

There’s something about giving back to the scene thats undeniably rad. Con’s has recently hosted a super rare event called Con’s Project in Toronto. The third of it’s kind in North America, Con’s organized a weekend of workshops for creatives to explore stuff like DJ’ing, Sign Painting, Wheat Pasting and Screen Painting. Naturally, Expedition One’s [...]

Alec Majerus Interrogated

It seems we aren’t the only ones that are puzzled by this young Flip Skateboards prodigy. After having filmed his mind blowing recruit video at the Berrics I guess they too were fascinated by the new Huntington Beach transplant and wanted to know what makes him tick. We had questioned where he gets his skill [...]

Us Skaters Are Strange!

Have you ever snapped in public after rolling over a “widowmaker” or had the urge to hug the closest stranger after landing a trick you’ve tried for hours? These are 2 of a long list of things that skaters do that “normal” people would think is stranger than fiction. You’ve gotta love it though. Jenkem [...]

Alec Majerus Recruited

Flip Skateboards are on one hell of a tear lately with their AM’s. Like we know there are so many amateur dudes out there that “should be pro” but you have to make special mention of Alec Majerus. Geoff Rowley has to be stoked on the quality of shred that’s coming from his guys lately [...]

Insane Game

The battle is heated! With a few Joes getting knocked out lately, the Pro’s had to start playing each other but nobody ever doubted Cody Cepeda.  This weekend they released this second rounder against Shane O’Neill who actually missed a nollie flip but went blow for blow with Cody until a few goes cost him [...]

RB Umali: Unreleased Interview

Have you been following the Berrics.com REDirect series? It features the upper class of skate filmmakers who have used these RED Cameras to shoot these impressive video parts that are released weekly.  Having gone through our archives doing some Spring cleaning we found an unreleased interview we did with Zoo York filmer RB Umali which [...]

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