Ambition Snowskates

There’s no doubt that snow skates have tried to grow a market for the past 20 years but they really haven’t taken off. A few weeks ago we noticed that Transworld put up a video from the Ambition Snowskates guys in Quebec called the Best Tricks Edit and as they put it they are truly “blurring the [...]

1 in 5 Million

That was Felipe Gustavos prayer as he worked pretty much day and night at his Berric’s “Run and Gun” that released just now. These guys are so damn good and work equally hard to get the most epic lines done for you that it’s completely worth the minute that it takes to check out and vote. [...]

Louif Who?

If you haven’t been paying attention to snowboarding lately, this is the alarm clock of sin that you might need to wake up. The dudes name is Louif Paradis and he’s been creating epic video parts for each of his 13 years that he’s been working away at becoming the man that he is today. [...]

Felipe True Commander

One of two video parts we’re blogging about this week, do you remember Felipe Gustavo’s Battle Commander that dropped earlier this year. Is it just us or is this the quickest edit they’ve ever put out. One banger after the next mixed in with a plethora of hand signs and rap video selfies left us [...]

Element Welcomes Madars Apse

Madars Apse, welcome to the Element pro team! It’s impossible not to get entranced by this lanky, Latvian. The world-traveling Madars speaks five languages, is university educated, and is endless fun to be around. His grace on board is not always mirrored off it; he can be quite clumsy – but lovably so. Madars finds [...]

World Record Ollie

Do you remember Jeremy Wray? How about Donger? Maybe a little before your time, but I’m sure you know all about Jordan Hoffart who has a massive ollie. Something about skating with Aldrin Garcia all those years on Powell had it’s influence on Jordan who managed to push his Stereo the distance of 16 feet [...]

TJ Wins Redbull Triple

We can only imagine what pulling off these contests ends up costing Red Bull but we’re glad they happen! Do you remember last years Triple Set contest on the roof of the San Diego Hard Rock Hotel? This years was held inside the super swanky North Park Theatre in SD, and it pretty much ran [...]

TWS Halloween

Transworld has always made it so damn easy to get stoked on skateboarding, and come Hallowe’en time, you know their annual edit from their in-house park is going down. A healthy surprise in this years edit was Jordan Hoffart dressed as a pizza delivering Ninja turtle among other randoms like a P-Rod spoof praying into [...]

Match Made in HEL

At what point does skateboarding become full on marketing?  There’s no question that FLIP Pro Arto Saari has proven himself as a modern day skate icon through his skateboarding, now photography, however this last venture out to Helsinki, Finland (his home town) has picked up some honest critique.  Obviously paid for by Finnair, the national [...]

Tony and the Boss

The weekend buzz always releases it’s weekly videos on Friday, which makes sense, however their longer edits are now split in two. Dubbed as the best one yet by some of the comments on this one, Tony Hawk and Andrew Reynolds sit down to chat about Street League, Video Parts and how to deal with the [...]

Hosoi in Mississauga

The term “legend” is far too loosely applied to people these days, period.  Where it’s called for is in the case of individuals like Christian Hosoi who has had an immeasurable impact on skateboarding since he went pro at 14, and continues to kill it even to this day.  Did you know he’s coming to [...]

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