New Micky Papa Part

You first saw Micky Papa on the Ambition Skate Camp show we aired on network TV a few years back and just recently you most likely saw him tear up the monstrous street course at Take the Cake. Apart from those two notable efforts, he has launched the 2nd one man video part in as many years through and let’s just add to the comment streams that ensue, “when is his board coming out?”. You see it’s not that simple, if we may, consider all of his big sponsors who are likely considering the fact however pushing a new face out there onto a board, shoe, truck and tee isn’t as simple as setting up a new silkscreen with his name on it.  Let’s give the powers that be some time, and until then, lets keep soaking in the madness that Micky brings to the internet through his skateboarding. Talk about it! Check out his intro to Mountain Dew commercial as well, obviously under P-Rod’s wing now, not a bad place to be!

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